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Trying to adopt a hair regimen for my bleached and damaged hair, four months ago I decided to apply olive oil to my hair once a week in order to increase its elasticity and strength. I wasn’t as much dedicated as I hoped, some weeks I totally forgot about it but still worked perfectly for me. My hair got a little bit less brittle every time. And it shines visibly, especially the next two days of the oil care.
Yesterday, I wasn’t planning to go out soon so I decided to apply oil treatment before I shower and wait as long as I can. I headed to the kitchen to get some olive oil. Right before I reached the bottle, I caught a glimpse of the “hemp oil” title on another bottle. I have bought the hemp oil to give it a try on my salads in order to make use of its health benefits. I enjoyed the flavor and the taste of hemp oil since then but I have never given it a thought of putting it into my hair.
I am not an “I have a feeling” person in general but I sensed that my hair needed it. Why not give it a try? Then I wondered if I should search it on the internet but I didn’t want to. What could go wrong, all and all it is just another oil and it smells good to me. At most, it would be hard to get it out of my hair but I have dealt with the “mighty” castor oil once, the hippie hemp can’t scare me. Thus, I replaced olive oil, my conventional hair care ingredient with hemp oil for this time.
First of all, it has the perfect consistency. It is less sticky than olive oil yet not runny. You can apply it until your hair is soaked with oil without pulling your strands or making a mess around. I can say that the hemp oil penetrates to hair and softens it immediately which is important because most of the oils have too big particles, they only cover your hair from the outside and wash off with shampoo without giving any benefit. Practically you are washing your time off.
Even though the hemp oil was perfectly absorbed by my hair, I wanted to have the most of it and covered my hair with a shower cap and a towel in order to keep my head warm. Warmth opens your cuticles and increases the absorption of the product you put on. As I wait, I decided to do the search thing finally because I felt like where was this oil before? Everyone must be putting it on and writing about it like crazy as they did with the beloved coconut oil which is overrated a little bit in my opinion. But there was nearly nothing about hemp oil for hair. I found some scientific facts but no experimental blog posts were written, no rituals invented yet. Maybe because hemp oil just made its way in the market and our daily shopping lists, the girls out there didn’t try them on their hair yet. Or maybe I am doing something I shouldn’t..
Here are the facts I found on my hemp oil research:
Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant of the Cannabis family. I can hear the bells ringing but no, the hemp oil we buy from the market is extracted from industrial hemp which is cultivated specifically for industrial production, and it doesn't have any psychoactive substances associated with the Cannabis. So, there is no THC for your hair in this oil.
When cold pressed, it has its beautiful nutty flavor and greenish tint. As with the hemp oil too, always prefer cold pressed oils for your hair in order to have the most of its benefits.
It stimulates hair growth! It has a perfectly balanced 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 (linoleic/LA) to Omega 3 (alpha-linolenic/LNA) essential fatty acids and it is reputed to be the most unsaturated oil derived from the plant kingdom.
Hemp oil prevents water loss of the hair strands when shampooing.
When applied to the scalp, it makes the scalp healthier and prevents hair loss.
It is good for the skin too.
It prevents hygral-fatigue (water causing your hair to expand and your hair becomes mushy) when you apply before shampoo.
After washing my hair, I learned what sleek means. The lovely word they write on shampoos and hair masks. My hair was super sleek, soft, shiny, volumed but not puffy or frizzy. I strongly recommend hemp oil for hair care routine of yours.
For the best results, it is recommended that you should keep the hemp oil for at least 3 hours. But as I mentioned above you may keep it as much as you can.

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