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How Long It Takes To Grow Super Long Hair

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It took me Years Months to grow super long hair

Whether you decided to become a mermaid or want to escape from a tower, nobody will ask you why. Because it looks gorgeous. Unfortunately you need to be patient. In order to accelerate the process, you can drink bamboo leaf tea which contains silica. Silica helps stimulate hair growth. Bamboo actually has the most potent ratio of silica amongst plants. Needless to declare  how great silica is for strong hair and nails. Unlike the suspicious benefits/harms of biotin which mainly causes acne on users, silica is completely safe especially when you take it from a herbal tea.

In addition to bamboo tea, you should take a step back when it's time to trim your hair. The tip of hair will always broken if you forget to care for your hair no matter how regular it is being trimmed. So leave your broken hair alone and skip cutting it once in a while until you reach your hair length goal.

Not to mention the importance of balanced diet, also skipping shampoo or quitting forever is proven to help increase the speed hair growth.

Finally, if you are on the impatient side, you can apply Inversion Method one week per one month. Let me tell you the Inversion Method basically: flip your head forward, massage your scalp for 4 minutes. You will feel dizzy but you will be awarded with increased blood circulation on scalp. Blood circulation is super important where there are cell generation. Since hair lengthening is basically generating new hair cells from your hair follicles, it will be beneficial to circulate blood over there.Don’t forget to apply natural oils to enrich this method while massaging your scalp. There is one girl who uses a crazy mixture of different oils and ingredients to help Inversion Method. This potion is called Hairdrenalin Potion and she claims that it helped her to grow 2 inches per 5 days, woah!! The most important tip about this Inversion Method is waiting 3 weeks between each week of sessions. There are trials that shows this is the most effective way to use this method otherwise your scalp could get used to this circulation and stop going crazy about creating hair cells. But there is no proof about this.

During this process, there will be some days you will look unfashionable yet do not give up and cut it like the  trendy haircut of a celebrity. You will regret it when the high of having something new is gone. Imagining that how gorgeous you are going to look with your long hair will also help you on your desperate moments. Do not forget, enthusiasmis the key to most treasure. Do not lose it on the way.I wish you luck and patience.


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