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How Long It Takes To Prepare Blueberry Lemon Body Scrub

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“You’ll love everything about this blueberry lemon body scrub—from the color to the scent, to the silky smooth skin you’ll have when you use it.”


There is no way better than scrubbing because it really freshens up and polishes the skin. There is a radiant, healthy skin that is hiding beneath those old dead skin cells, just waiting to breathe. When you scrub, it will show its gratitude by glowing and glowing.

Store bought scrubs may look lovely but they are pricey than they worth and even worse they are mostly full of toxic carcinogens. They will make you smell nice and glaze you up in short term but will damage your health and wallet in the long run.

Don’t spend money on pricey store-bought body scrubs when making your own at home is so much fun easy. Moreover, knowing what healthy ingredients are going into the scrub will let you use it with peace of mind. Homemade scrubs are the best!

However, there are so many choices out there on Pinterest or Google. When I found this one, I thought that color is pretty awesome! Of course, this is not the only reason I want to share it with you. Blueberries have antioxidants in them which helps slow down the aging process of the skin.Also, I love the smell of coconuts, they always remind me of those lazy summertimes.

Here is the recipe for glowing and smelling like a vacation :




½ cup coconut oil
1 cup white sugar

1 little lemon
1 tablespoon frozen blueberries
4 drops of lemon essential oil



Lemon zesting

First thing, you should zest a lemon onto an oven safe tray. Then put them into the oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes until you smell a strong lemon scent. This means they are ready and it only takes a few minutes, don’t leave them alone. This drying step is optional but if you are planning to use it for more than a week, drying will keep your scrub fresh longer.


Blueberry powdering

Next, you should smash those blueberries. If you use freeze-dried blueberries, they will stay fresh longer, easily break down and give you a nice blue powder which is easier to use in this recipe. And somehow it preserves the blue color better when freeze dried.


Mix dry ingredients

Once you are done smashing and zest drying, mix the dry ingredients (dried lemon zest, sugar, and blueberry smash)


Add the oils

 If you are a color crazy like me, at this step you can add some drops of blue food color to your coconut oil for extra blueness. It will also banish the unhealthy yellow undertones down the skin. But don’t use too much food dye, your will end up like a smurf..Add the coconut oil and essential oil to the dry ingredient mixture. Stir until fairly mixed.

Store this precious

Storing this scrub in an airtight container will keep it’s summery smell until the end. We suggest applying this scrub to your body as the last thing in the shower, then rinse off with only water and pat dry with a towel to let some of the coconut oil to stay on your skin as it is a good moisturizer and gives a gorgeous shine.


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