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How Long It Takes To Have Lighter Skin

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6 Weeks

It took me Weeks Days to have Lighter Skin

Whatever the fashion says, some of us prefer pale white skin rather than a gloving bronze tan. All those crazy makeup trends, edgy hair colors like fire red, pastel pink, soft lilac even pure black, they all safer with pale skin. We know a lot of people contradicting my idea with their sun tan skin looking amazing with their light ash blonde hair. Or super dark skin with pinkish white hair yet looking hot because of perfect genes she inherited. But most of us couldn't do that without a lighter skin. Even if we could, there is more than that. Just like dark bronze skin means to some of us, white skin is a passion, a childhood dream that we tried a lot of times, prayed for and never could set aside. Both of them are beautiful yet here I am to tell you how to achieve the lighter one.








The moonlight dream

We all know that pale skin doesn't come to us easily, naturally like tan skin. Just like letting your skin tanning under sunlight in warm summer days, it would be a dream if the moonlight made us paler. We would see all those harajuku girls sleeping outside all night and most of the Asian and Mediterranean countries would have bedrooms suitable to get more moonlight in order people to have lighter combinations. Given that my moonlight method is nothing more than a dream, let's get realistic. But does that mean giving up? Certainly no! We believe in science! But certainly health before beauty. Always consult a doctor before you start some extraordinary regimen. Ok, I am not going to tell you to mix wheat flour with tomato juice in order to be safe, we are talking serious business here, I just wanted to warn you before teaching some crazy stuff.






Skin lightening methods to achieve real results

If you are willing to try some methods but before submitting your energy and power, you are asking "when will I have my diaphanous princess skin?", you are at the true side of internet. This site is designed for us impatient and reckless souls, or precise or hypercritical, call it whatever you like . For measuring the time, the most important thing is the distance between your starting point and destination. If your skin is a dark dark brown and you decided to transform it into Liv Tyler white, you have a long way in front of you.Let's talk about a result which is not a complete transform but confuse the people who know you about something changed. The point that they notice you have lighter skin than before and try to find your secret.

There is a lot of products to achieve a lighter skin but basically there are four methods.

  • IV drips (scary huh?)

  • Pills

  • Creams

  • Convincing your body to produce less melanin with self hypnosis.





Skin lightening IV drips to get faster results

The Iv drips containing glutathione and vitamin C are created to help you with those ingredients to affect faster than oral intake or topical application. Yet, most of us are not brave enough to be pierced regularly. Moreover, safety is an issue at this point because of you never should do it yourself or at a regular beauty saloon. Some health practitioner should apply this under a doctor's control. Second option is take those antioxidant ingredients orally as pills. Taking vitamin C tablets and glutathione is healthy yet never enough to have the adverse effect called "skin lightening". So called whitening pills are generally rubbish and always think twice before swallowing something. Pills may look small but they may easily harm you. Ask your doctor before using, always!







Lightening beauty products explained by ingredients

If you decided to stay in the safety zone and use skin care products, there are a lot of products in the market to achieve a lighter skin. Soaps, serums, creams, lotions, peelings, beauty masks. Yet, you are not safe enough. The important point is ingredients. Never trust a brand because of it's name, always check the ingredients. There are some of them even gives you a darker skin because of the damage it has done like mercury. Also there is another ingredient called "Hydroquinone" which all of us familiar with. Hydroquinone is effective yet some researches tell they are dangerous while some of are saying it is even beneficial and cures skin cancer. So, hydroquinone is a gray spot, do your own research and if you decide to use it, here are some tips for you.

  • Concentration is important, find an effective dose, don't waste your money and time.

  • Using more than 4 months cause some piling up under your skin, so use it alternatingly with another whitening agent. 4 months on ,4 months off.

  • Do not use it in daytime

  • Use a sunscreen because your skin will become sensitive

If you want efficiency and safety, I can certainly tell you which ones do work safely. Kojic acid , glutathione,vitamin c, arbutin , retinoic acid and lactic acid.However, the concentration of these active ingredients play a big role in its potency. The concentration of at least 4% should be in the product in order for it to be effective. Retinoic acid glutathione and vitamin c are also anti aging where kojic acid is the most effective one. Remember to give your skin some time to get used to those agents. There will be allergies pimples and some sensitivity at the beginning. See a dermatologist if something unusual occurs.







Skin lightening subliminal recordings for your way to fast and surprising results

Here is the safest but unprovable way to your milky white skin. You can program your subconscious mind for your body to stop producing excess melanin. There are tons of subliminal recordings to help you on YouTube or all around the internet. If you believe and maintain a constant desire on it, subconscious mind method will work. Any of those methods will work if you are determined. Never let those "genetics are certain, you can not change it with creams bla bla" stuff to take you off. There are results and success stories around. I wish you luck on your way.

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