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How Long It Takes For Retin-A To Reduce Wrinkles?

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It took me Weeks Days to have retin-a to work on wrinkles

etin-a works by shortening the cell rejuvenating cycle from 120 days to 90 days and thickening the skin volume by %30. This way, at the beginning your fine lines will stop deepening, scar marks will fade. In long time use, you will notice that your lines start to disappear. It's like a time machine!


What is Retin-A?

Retin-A is a form of vitamin A and used for acne treatment. However, it also helps make skin firmer and of course younger, therefore people begin to use Retin-A as an anti-aging treatment. Retin-A has a lot of benefits such as decreasing the appearance of wrinkles, recovering fade discoloration, decreasing the risks of skin cancer and improving the smoothness of the skin.


How Does Retina-A Work?

Retin-A can help make skin smoother and disappear dark spots and freckles because it causes skin cells to turn over more quickly. It also prevents pore clogging and reduces blackheads and whiteheads. But more importantly, Retin-A boosts collagen production. Collagen is a significant protein that provides skin firmness and elasticity. The cells produce less collagen and wrinkles with age, therefore wrinkles and age spots will appear. Additionally, the skin loses its smoothness and firmness. Thus, Retin-A treatment is a good solution for overcoming these problems.


Things you need to know before using Retin-A


  • Before begin to use Retin-A, you have to see your dermatologist. She will examine your skin and if necessary she will suggest you a cream or gel, which consists necessary amount of Retin-A.


  • You can start Retin-A treatment at any age. If the treatment begins in your forties or fifties, it has an effect on the appearance of your wrinkles and age spots. Women in their twenties can also benefit from this treatment to prevent wrinkles and fading age spots in the first place.


  • You must be aware that Retin-A treatment products are only applied at night. After treatment, your skin becomes sensitive to sunlight because of the photosensitive complexes in vitamin A. Therefore, you have to use sun creams with SPF every day even if the weather is cloudy or snowy in order to protect your skin.


  • In the beginning of Retin-A treatment, you can face side effects such as irritated and dry skin or acne breakouts. Don’t afraid, it is a normal reaction of your skin to the treatment at the first place. If you use your creams correctly and regularly as prescribed, these irritations will diminish in a 2-3 weeks.


  • Be careful about the ingredients of other skincare products during Retin-A treatment. Do not use products containing glycolic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Since your skin is sensitive because of the treatment, these ingredients are damaging for your skin by making it too dry.


  • You cannot use Retin-A if you are pregnant or breastfeeding before asking your doctor. Retin-A is a form of vitamin A and it is known that too much Vitamin A can be toxic. However, some doctors allow using Retin-A in small amounts in the second and third trimesters. So, you should ask your doctor before beginning Retin-A treatment, your doctor knows the best for health situation and can recommend the best treatment for you.
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