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How Long It Takes To Paint Warhammer Age Of Sigmar Miniatures

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1 Hours, 30 Minutes

It took me Hours Minutes to paint Warhammer Age of Sigmar Miniatures

Warhammer miniature game has a long history of attracting people but it also intimidates people because of its long curve of learning and preparation. It is quite obvious that you won't get ready as quick as other board games or you won't learn the dynamics of the game in 10 minutes. But we wanted to test if the fear of the people is justified and if it worths the time you invest (especially if you are not very familiar with its lore)

The study

For this test, we obtained the new starter pack for Age of Sigmar, called Storm of Sigmar. It is a small pack that consists of 13 figures. (3 Stormcast Eternals Liberators, 2 Stormcast Eternals Retributor, 3 Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors and 5 Khorne Bloodbound Bloodreavers) It was suggested by the salesman as a foot in the doorstep and does not contain painting set and the book contains all the lore and the strategies.

Training and the Tools: We did not buy any other paints or tools that were suggested and decided to stick to the old acrylic paints, side cutters and glues we have at home. We also gracefully rejected the beginner’s training on the painting that was offered at the store.


We started our timers right after unboxing the set and decided to glue the figures one by one just before painting. Yet, we realized 2 big issues with this step. Firstly, our side cutter was not optimized for miniature cutting and we had to spend more time than we imagined. Average time we spent on 1 miniature is about 15 minutes. But this purely because of our lack of experience. We spent most of this time struggling with the order of the pieces and being afraid of breaking them.

The second issue was the inefficiency of painting models one by one since the soldiers of the same group are mostly similar in colors and it is a better idea to paint them together to be consistent. By doing this, we didn’t waste any of the prepared colors since they didn’t dry out. However, having the original painting set might solve this issue.

After painting the first set of miniatures, we decided that we can actually paint 3 of them at a time. Even though almost each warrior has a slightly different model, it was easier to paint them in this way.

We selected small headed and moderately strong brush brushes for the paintworks. Due to the small detail requirements, this turned out to be a nice choice and we did not have any problems with small details. But of course, this does not mean that it was an easy task to do.

We ended up painting the first batch of miniatures, without the shadows and very fine details, in almost 3 hours. Which means that on average we spent about 1 hour for each of them. Even though they are -in our opinion- playable, they aren’t as artistic and realistic as they can be seen in stores or online.

If we include the preparation, gluing and the painting, total time we spent on 1 miniature would be around 90 minutes. Since our main focus was to get the warriors ready for battle, not the visual perfection we will stick with this time for calculating the total time requirement of the sets;

  • Preparation time of the small set, Storm of Sigmar should be about 20 hours

  • Full set containing 47 miniatures, should be 71 hours

You should also keep in mind that these estimates are based on 2 experiments and we are in need of more input for a better approximation. So please don’t hesitate to share your experience by entering the time you spent and your commenting.


How do we know this?

We painted the Warhammer miniatures for the first time in our lives and this is the report of that experiment.

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