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How Long It Takes To Learn Playing Violin

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1 Years

It took me Years Months to learn playing violin

Have you ever hold a guitar and played a few notes or pressed the shiny key of a piano and heard the beautiful sound? Well, you will need a lot of time and practice until you arrive at that point on a violin!

Maybe violin’s being a fretless and bowed instrument didn’t mean a lot to you before but these are actually big deals when it comes to learning. Depending on the methods of your instructor you may need to practice holding the bow for a couple of weeks until you are comfortable with it. (Yes, without holding your precious violin) This may seem a little absurd to you at first but if you are not a musical prodigy you will soon notice that controlling the bow correctly is actually an hard thing to do.

Then you will need to practice your bowing technique on your violin, possibly without pressing any notes yet. On the bright side, it is probably better for you not to press anything since it won’t sound anything near good now. Yet, even without pressing on the wrong position, sound of your violin will be bad enough to make your family, friends and neighbours to be your enemies. This stage may take upto 2 months again depending on your instructor and the time you spend on practicing each day.

When you begin to use your bow confident enough, you will learn the positions. This looks easy to do but the lack of frets come into the game at this point and make you suffer. Even though you know exactly where to press or what to hear, a slightest moment of attention slip will have the power to ruin the sound coming out of your instrument. But everything will get better with practice and after 2 more months you will probably start playing some listenable practice passages.

Order of your further practices may vary a lot but you will still have a lot of positions and techniques to learn and a lot of practices to do. Overall, you will need more than 1 year until you start liking the sounds you hear and around 2 years to be considered as an intermediate violinist

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