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66 Seconds

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As reading is one of the most common actions of an average human being. We gather most of our knowledge by reading almost everything we see. However, things we read tends to differ a lot and this also affects your reading speed.

There are some studies that has been done to find the average reading speed in several languages. According to a research that was released in 2012, average reading speed for texts written in English is 228 words per minute. However, when you search online, it is more likely to see numbers like 300 or even 400 words per minute for adults.

When it comes to reading one page, more variables will come into play such as the word count. Since the reading speed is usually measured by words per minute (WPM), we also need to approximate the number of words on an average page. There is an old rule of thumb from the old days of publishing that limits the number of words per page to around 250 and publishers still honor this rule. According to this, we can calculate the time required to read 1 page to be 66 seconds. However, you don’t need to take our word for it. You can easily measure your reading speed below.

If you are reading this article to calculate the time required to read your next book, we may help you on that. If you search on HowLongItTakes with the name or the ISBN number of your book, we can calculate your reading time!

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He was different from his brothers and sisters. Their hair already betrayed the reddish hue inherited from their mother, the she-wolf; while he alone, in this particular, took after his father. He was the one little grey cub of the litter. He had bred true to the straight wolf-stock—in fact, he had bred true to old One Eye himself, physically, with but a single exception, and that was he had two eyes to his father’s one. The grey cub’s eyes had not been open long, yet already he could see with steady clearness. And while his eyes were still closed, he had felt, tasted, and smelled. He knew his two brothers and his two sisters very well. He had begun to romp with them in a feeble, awkward way, and even to squabble, his little throat vibrating with a queer rasping noise (the forerunner of the growl), as he worked himself into a passion. And long before his eyes had opened he had learned by touch, taste, and smell to know his mother—a fount of warmth and liquid food and tenderness. She possessed a gentle, caressing tongue that soothed him when it passed over his soft little body, and that impelled him to snuggle close against her and to doze off to sleep. Most of the first month of his life had been passed thus in sleeping; but now he could see quite well, and he stayed awake for longer periods of time, and he was coming to learn his world quite well. His world was gloomy; but he did not know that, for he knew no other world. It was dim-lighted; but his eyes had never had to adjust themselves to any other light. His world was very small. Its limits were the walls of the lair; but as he had no knowledge of the wide world outside, he was never oppressed by the narrow confines of his existence.

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