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How Long It Takes To Explore Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a marvelous city that constantly gives you the feeling of a Garden Party! Beauty and the texture of this city will make sure that you won’t get bored no matter how long you will stay. There are some museums, historic places and activities that you would want to miss.  But now, let’s find out how many days you will need to explore the city at bare minimum.


According to the official tourism office, Amsterdam has more than 70 museums. We can imagine that not all of them will be interesting for your but you may want to see our top 2. These are,

  • Rijksmuseum

  • Van Gogh Museum

They are not only very interesting but also represents the culture of Netherlands and you really need to see them to complete your tour in Amsterdam. If you are not very into the museums you can possibly see both of them in a single day.


You will most likely see these attractions even without noticing because of the structure of the city but here is the list to make sure.

  • Dam square: Thisis the very center of the city and a lot of the touristic attractions are located very close to this place. If you are using any kind of public transportation you will most likely pass by Dam Square, you can easily stop by and experience for a while

  • Amsterdam's canals: Most of the city center has a canal actually. But the main attraction about these canals are the boat tours. You may want to join one of them to see the city from a different perspective.

  • Red Light District: Quoting directly from the official information site: “There are plenty of sex shops, peep shows, brothels, an elaborate condom shop, a sex museum and prostitutes in red-lit windows.” We believe they have covered most of the attractions of this district but keep in mind that even though it is a very exotic experience you are not allowed to take pictures of most of them.

  • Vondelpark: A huge public park right next to the nightlife center of the city, Leidseplein. So you may want to feel the green nature of Amsterdam and relax before the night out.

  • Coffeshops: You will see a lot of designated places that sell legal cannabis and hot tea all over the city. Even though there is a limit of 5 grams per person, it should be more than enough for most of the visitors who would like to try this herb.

  • Flower Market: As you probably know, Amsterdam is famous for its tulips and many more other flowers. On Flower Market, you may find literally hundreds of species of flowers and you can even take some of them to your own country. (Do not forget to ask which flowers can you bring to your country before you buy them.)

Following these attractions should take about 2 days of your time but you will never get bored in one second of it. Exploring the bare minimum of Amsterdam will totally take about 3 days but in the end you will realize that it is never enough! 

If you are also familiar with Amsterdam, please give us your tips and your recommended time below. 

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