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Comedy Series Everyone Should Watch

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This collage contains some Tv Series that we think every comedy lover should watch. We tried to include only the relatively new ones to the list so don't be offended since your favorite The Office or How I Met Your Mother didn't make it.

1. The Big Bang Theory

78 Hours, 28 Minutes

For those of you, who have never watched The Big Bang Theory, we have just 1 question; How?

This is not one of that shows that get better when you get pass the 3rd season. So it is fairly safe to suggest when people are looking for some laughter right now.

3. Modern Family

72 Hours, 5 Minutes

4. South Park

100 Hours, 28 Minutes

5. Family Guy

100 Hours, 50 Minutes

6. How I Met Your Mother

76 Hours, 16 Minutes

Yes, we decided to include How I Met Your Mother after all. The list didn't feel completed without it. Plus, it will be a nice reference for the future generations.

Moreover, after spending more than 200 hours of our lives watching, it wouldn't be fair to exclude from any lists about contemporary comedy series.

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comment by a user Tuesday 15 Nov 2016 - 1:53 p.m.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!!!!!!