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How Long It Takes To Reach Level 5 On Pokemon Go

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1 Hours

It took me Hours Minutes to reach Level 5 on Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the new augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs which allows you to catch Pokemons on your mobile phone. It has launched with great expectations and thousands of people found workarounds to download the game before it is launched on their countries. In HowLongItTakes.com it is not our duty to question whether the game meets the high expectations of the player or not. We are simply interested in how long it will take to reach the trainer level 5 to experience most of the locked features of the game.

Unlike many other games, you can’t sit on your couch all day and level up one after another. If you don’t live in a neighborhood full of Pokemons, you will need to walk around to catch’em all! But as you will realize soon enough, catching the same kind of Pokemon over and over again doesn’t help you a lot. To be more clear, catching a Pokemon for the first time rewards 500 exp while catching it for the successive times gives only 100 exp. However, we strongly believe that you shouldn’t pass any Pokemons when you encounter them. This has several reasons;

  • If you don’t travel a lot, you will have no chance but catch the same Pokemons after some point

  • Even the given experience is low, you will need that and you can get Pokeball from a Pokestation in almost every 5 minutes, so the cost of catching a Pokemon is not that high

  • You will need candies and startdust to strengthen and evolve your Pokemons and you will get them when you catch a Pokemon AND when you send your excess Pokemons to the professor.

We had the chance to test reaching level 5 a few times and reached the conclusion that you may need more than 1 hour of walking around your neighborhood to achieve this goal. However, if you don’t want to walk a lot or go far, you will need even more time.

Some Tips on Leveling

  • Go to the city center! You will encounter with much more Pokemons there than your neighborhood.
  • Keep your Pokemons ready for evolution before using the lucky egg. Evolving Pokemons gives 500 exp (or 1000 exp if it is the first time you have the resulting Pokemon). If you send the unnecessary ones before and get the candies ready, you won't spend your precious lucky egg time on them.

If you have already reached level 5, please help us with your tips and the required time.

How do we know this?

We have played Pokemon Go since it is released. This article is written after reaching 5th level 4 times on different areas.

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