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How Long It Takes To Prepare Poached Eggs With Cling Film Method

3 Minutes
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If you are a fan of poached eggs but the awful smelling foam of mess and failure is haunting your dreams, there is a solution! Whipe those tears and clean up your pan, we are making failure proof poached eggs without losing any taste and texture! With a little help of technology ofcourse. 

  • Boil some water in a pan.
  •  Cut a piece of clingfilm and put it over the top of a mug like covering it and push into the mug to form a bowl shape.
  • At this point, you can baste some olive oil to the film, add some herbs or garlic salt, it is up to your creativity. Or you can play simple and do nothing.
  • After this, crack one egg into the clingfilm. One egg to one piece of film!
  • By twisting at the top together , seal the cling film.
  • Put it in to the boiling water. The water is free to simmer, boil or bounce, nothing can ruin your egg's shape and integrity. And no need to add anything to the water.

True poached eggs must be plumpy, volumed, tender, firm yet soft inside. Even if the egg white looks dense, it should pour the soft egg yolk with one touch of the knife. Your eggs can achieve all of those virtues with cling film method exactly like the traditional method. Better still, you can add more taste and flavors to it. Cling film is freedom!

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