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How Long It Takes To Boil Soft Eggs

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Boiled eggs are the irreplacable parts of a breakfast. But don't limit yourself with the morning, boiled eggs can go any time, they can merge with and improve any recipe. The thing is you should decide the level of hardness of your boiled eggs. If you are on the soft side or in a mood to dip something into eggs, you should have soft boiled eggs. By soft boiled eggs, we mean those eggs which have soft but not jelly whites and creamy, golden and warm yolks that you can sprinkle some salt and dive with a spoon directly. What a taste despite of the littleness of the effort made.

 Boiling eggs are easy and quick yet preparing soft-boiled eggs can be a little trickier than the usual hard boiled eggs.There is a slow method that offers you presicion if you have time:

  • Put the eggs in a pan ad fill the pan with water untill eggs will covered.
  • Heat the pan untill the water starts to boil.
  • Give it one minute of boiling time
  • Take the pan from the oven and put a lid on it
  • wait until the water is lukewarm.

If you are too hungry or hasty, this method won't work for you. You should take the tricky "direct boil" path. Yet, if you are good at counting minutes or have an egg timer, it is not trickier at all. But don't let the lovely laziness of a saturday morning to distract you, if you leave your eggs alone, they will become hard boiled eggs and your buttered toast soldiers will be disapointed. Always keep an eye on your watch and don't forget to put them under cold water a few seconds if you are simply boiling them untill it's done. Because those guys will go on being cooked inside with it's own heat.

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