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How Long Are Cats Pregnant?

60 Days

It took my cat Days Hours to deliver the kittens

It is a common knowledge that the kittens are seen mostly in summer but do you know the exact time?

Due to evolution and adaptation, cats generally get pregnant in March and the kittens are out on the streets in summer. This way the mortality rate caused by cold and lack of prey can be prevented significantly.

If it is time to know about the pregnancy process in details , here you are on the true page, especially if you own a female cat. She may come with the good news one day and you should have some ideas about what to do on her way to motherhood and how to care for the little newbies.

Generally, cats are on pregnancy period for 60 to 65 days (approximately 2 months) but the duration may change from 58 days up to 71 days. The alteration of the time can change due to some hormonal changes of your cat. Also the uterus size has an effect on the duration. Moreover, size and weight of the kittens inside can be a determining factor. You may probably think a few days less or more won’t make a difference but remember, 1 day counts as 15 days for a young feline.

It is time to evaluate what to do if you figure out your cat is pregnant. Usually on the 5th week the belly will be showing, so you can guess your cat is pregnant. Normally, feral cats in outdoors try to find a comfortable safe place for them to deliver their kittens. So, don't afraid if she finds an unreachable place like behind of a sofa and hides there. It's instinctual and perfectly normal for her to hide, You guys are not emotionally falling apart. Also during the pregnancy, cats tend to stay away from heat which can cause some problems for her babies inside. This might be the reason why she is staying away from you.

Since your cat will behave towards her instincts, you should let her create her own environment to give birth. But first you might want to take your cat to the vet when you have your first doubts on if she is pregnant. Vets can feel the kittens on the 3rd or 4th week of pregnancy and they can give some extra supplements or medicines to be taken during the pregnancy period. If vet suggests, adapt her a new diet suitable for pregnancy. Your cat may need special care, and make sure she is healthy, happy and feels comfortable but don't go crazy and be too much persistent.

After approximately 60 days, if it's time for her to deliver the babies, you will notice some changes in her behavior. She is in labor!! Just keep calm and let her do what she knows instinctually. Normally the first kitten will be out in 30 to 60 minutes, but if the kitten is not out, she may need a C-section. Thus, keeping an eye on her is a good idea. In a normal case, she will handle the situation herself, but if you sense any problem, take your cat to the vet. If she get's aggressive, she might be afraid. At that situation, convincing the vet to come to your place is a more prudent action than being pushy on your poor cat in labor pains. 

If you get over the horrifying screamy and bloody part of watching your cat giving birth, it's time for her to clean and keep the babies warm. Such a relief for all of you. Kittens are magical creatures of the nature. Once you see them, all you want is to kiss and snuggle. And caring for kittens is not bothersome at all compared to the feeling of warmth they radiate. All you need to do is to create a comfortable environment that the new mother can clean and feed her babies. A basket filled with fluffy blankets will be the best. You will notice that your cat won't be happy to share her babies with you at first few days. You should be patient. Let her look after and care for her family. Later, you will see the kittens crawling around curiously. It means they are grown enough and the mother is feeling comfortable about you joining the family.


Enjoy your kittens!


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