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How Long It Takes To Produce Honey

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It took me Years Months to produce Honey

If you are going to build a new hive to produce, your bees will need some time to prepare.

If you are in a hurry or really want to taste your own garden made honey really quick you may get it on your first year. But in order to do that you will need some extra help. You may need to feed your bees with some sugar. However, this will decrease the quality of the honey.

Otherwise, you will need 2 years until your bees properly develop their hives.

How to produce honey?

Honey is a must-have sweet food for making desserts and preparing breakfasts. We all know that honeybees that are seeking nectar from flowers make it. If you are planning to start beekeeping and produce your honey, you have to read this post.

If you want to know things about producing honey such as required environment for beekeeping, what equipment you need, how much time you have to devote to your hives. You can find the answers of these questions at the following:

Appropriate Environment For Honeybees

You have to place hives in an environment covered with flowering plants or near a rural area. Actually, honeybees can travel 3 miles away from their hive to find pollen and propolis.  Yes, bees can fly for what they need but if they are kept in places with limited flora such as a city, it is better to cover surrounding of hives with flowering plants. Places with propolis-producing trees are even better for bees.

What Equipment Do You Need?

You are lucky because producing honey does not require too much equipment. At the beginning, you should have a few things:


A natural hive can be in a hollow tree or an empty box. But you are planning to produce honey; you would use man-made hives, which look like wooden cabinets. There are wooden frames inside the hives that make harvesting easier.


It is a device for making bees quiet enough to handle, minimizing aggression. Smoke makes bees think that there is a fire and they begin to consume honey because they consider that they have to leave their hives.  When the bees sense a fire, they start consuming honey because they think they’ll have to leave their home and find a new place to live. After consuming honey, bees become calm and exhausted after gorging on honey.

Hat with veil, protective jacket, and l gloves

To protect yourself from bee attacks, you must wear protective clothes such as hat, jacket and gloves.

Determine type of the bee

Some bees are much productive and some of them are resistant to illness. You should decide your priorities when choosing the bee from different families.

How To Harvest Honey

One colony of bees can produce approximately 250 pounds of honey but you need to harvest first. You need to open hive and remove bees from the hives by mechanical and chemical methods. Then you pick up full frame and replace with an empty one.

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