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How Long It Takes To Grow A Tree

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Time of growing a tree depends on so many things. First of all the type!

Some trees grow really faster than others. By faster we mean 10-15 years. Other, especially tropical trees would take around 30 years to grow their full lengths.

However, some trees in cold, hard environments may need 125-150 years to grow.

Even though, the full lengths and the natures of the trees differ a lot, there are several (mostly) common steps of tree growing;

Life Cycle of A Tree

According to Arbor Day Foundation, there are 7 stages in the life cycle of a tree. These are Infant, Youth, Prime, Middle Age, Senior, Twiligth and Death stages. Yet, if we want to include the beginning phases of the growth process, we will end up with 9 stages;

1. Seed
2. Seedling: the above-ground part of the embryo that sprouts from the seed
3. Sapling: After the seedling reaches 1 m tall, and until it reaches 7 cm in stem diameter
4. Pole: young trees from 7-30 cm diameter
5. Mature tree: over 30 cm diameter, reproductive years begin
6. Old tree: dominate old growth forest; height growth slows greatly, with majority of productivity in seed production
7. Overmature: dieback and decay become common
8. Snag: standing dead wood
9. Log/debris: fallen dead wood

Stages of Tree Growth

As you can see, most of the steps in the tree life cycle is actually not related to growing (Snag? Log?). We are mostly interested in steps until the maturity.

Seed stage: Germination process is very dependend on the species you are growing. For instance, if you are germinating Canadian Maple, you will need to simulate the natural conditions by leaving your seed in a cold place, like refrigerator, for months. After the germination, most trees will enter their seedling phase in the end of the first year.

For the growth time of the specific tree you may want to follow the related links or search for it using the search box.

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