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How Long It Takes To Grow Red Roses

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Roses have represented love and beauty for thousands of years. There are more than 15,000 different types of rose species and red roses are by far the most famous one among them. Red roses have a reputation for being difficult to care but they are surprisingly adaptable; you can grow them in almost every country in the world. With the correct amount of water and sunlight and a little bit of grooming, you can bring romance and beauty of red roses to your garden.

The basic 5 steps of caring red roses can be listed as the following:

1 Finding the proper soil

Like all rose species, red roses grow best in rich soils amended with compost or garden soil. The pH of the soil will affect how well your roses can access nutrients in the soil, so it's worth paying attention to. Additionally, roses need soil that drains well, but holds onto moisture long enough for the roots to absorb some.

2 Watering red roses

Red roses love water but they do not need to sit in water otherwise they will die because of extremely wet soil. Deep soaking is much better than frequent, shallow watering. If you have a big bed of roses or roses, you can use a soaker hose or install an in-ground system. Do not water the leaves to prevent fungal problems.

3 Fertilizing red roses

A balanced mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be used as fertilizer for red roses. In spring, you can water with magnesium sulfate which is dissolved in water to promote strong canes.

4 Grooming red roses

You need to use sharp clippers when grooming your roses. Red roses can be tidied up whenever you catch something unattractive about the roses. Dead and damaged woods can be cut out any time when you see them. When you see badly damaged, diseased, or dead leaves do not hesitate to remove them, otherwise they may spread disease.

5 Pruning red roses

The best time to prune red roses is early spring. When pruning roses, you have to remove all excess growth, thin the plants, and then form them. You need to prune red roses to keep them looking their best. By pruning dead, diseased or damaged wood; you will prevent insects and diseases.


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