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How Long It Takes To Learn Html

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3 Days

It took me Days Hours to learn HTML

HTML is a really old language that is used to mark up a web document. Unlike the common misconception, it is not the part that is used for creating the dynamic parts of the page. Also, it is not HTML’s responsibility to declare the style, looks of the page.

Learning HTML means learning the appropriate HTML tags to define your elements. These elements are images, links, header titles and any other thing that you see on a web page. Luckily, even with newly introduced tags in HTML5, the number of tags that you will use is not that high. Moreover, because of the popularity and widespread usage, resources that you can choose among are really more than enough. And maybe the most importantly, learning from the examples are much more easier than any other language or technology because of the easy access to the sources of the pages. All you need to do is check the full source of the page (probably by clicking the View Source button on a top menu of your browser) or right click on an element that you want to understand and select inspect (or inspect element depending on your browser)

HTML Editors

Luckily, you don't actually need any new software or infrastructure to begin learning HTML (or other technologies you may need like JavaScript or CSS). If you have any device with a web browser, you can easily create your first HTML file and view your shiny new page on it. However, if you want to develop in an easier environment you may want to use one of the IDEs to help you.

There are some multi-purpose IDEs that have code completion and analysis features for HTML. For example, you may consider using SublimeText with some additional plug-ins. There are also some IDEs that developed specifically for web technologies, such as WebStorm.

However, some people believe that using a simple text editor or a less-powerful IDE while learning a new programming language would be better for beginners. Yet, you may not want to frustrate yourself with small but disturbing issues that technology could prevent. So, if you are not going to take a written HTML exam, it probably is a better idea to get some help and speed up your learning process. (This is just a personal opinion)

Templates & Frameworks

If you feel like starting a big project from scratch would be too much of a job for you, you may also consider finding a template and start editing it slowly. There a literally thousands of templates all around the Internet and some of them are free. It will be much faster to create a page that you will like and you will learn a lot on the way. However, some of the templates may be using a bad coding style. Before committing to a template, you may want to download a few of them and check their source. Even if you are just a beginner you may detect some bad practices or you may ask for help from more experienced developers.

There are also some frameworks to help you develop better websites. After learning the basics of HTML, you may want to check out a few of them. However, when you choose a framework, you are literally committing to it and this may limit you a bit. But a mature and well-developed framework, like Bootstrap, may allow you to develop better pages more quickly.

All in all, if you follow your favorite HTML tutorial and practice it on a simple page, you should be able to learn HTML in as little as 3 days. After that point, it is all about learning the others, JavaScript and CSS!

Some Tips to keep in mind

  • Don't try to learn any kind of programming by simply reading some books or resources. 
  • Giving attention to the indentation may help you find some mistakes like unclosed/forgotten tags, which are usually hard to spot especially when the code is long enough.
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