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How Long It Takes To Learn Programming

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No matter what people say, programming is an art and it requires a lot of time to master it. Yet this doesn't necessarily mean that you can't do some really cool stuff in a short time.

There are three main parts to learn when you start your journey. Namely, the syntax of the language that you choose to learn, the logic of programming and the tools that you will require while you program your machine to perform magic.

Most of the sources or the courses you will encounter start with the syntax to show you the nice parts and the capabilities of the language and programming. You will see lots of code snippets that shows the infamous message “Hello, World”. Depending on the language and your previous knowledge it should take about 2 weeks to get familiar with the syntax of the language and start typing without checking your cheat sheet on every line. But don't get worried if you couldn't memorize everything because you don't need to. Even the experienced coders need to search on Google for some features of the language.

Then you will need to master the logic behind the programming. If you are not familiar to algorithms or algorithmic thinking this new way of solving problems may look scary at first. Yet, you will start to solve your problems easier each to you tackle with another one. Learning this new way of thinking will not only help you while you are coding but it will also change your daily life dramatically. However, as you may imagine, there is no end in learning/practicing algorithms. But you will get a grasp of programming and algorithms in 4 to 5 months. You may not be a master in programming but you may learn it sufficient enough.

Finally the workflow tools; these tools are not a must but they will make your life much more easier than trying to code in an old text editor or trying to manage the dependencies yourself or many other things. You will most likely not need these tools from day zero. Nevertheless you should keep in mind that for everything you think it is boring or error prone or time consuming, there will probably a tool to perform it or at least make it easier. (That is probably the best feature of the programming ecosystem.) Still, you may want to choose an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to get started and to increase your pace. We estimate the time you will get used to your first IDE (enough to learn the features and the shortcuts of it) around 2 weeks.

All in all, we don’t say you will be the master of it but we strongly believe that depending on your time commitment, you will be programming your computer confidently and sufficiently in around 6 months. If you have already taught yourself programming, please help everyone and tell is the time you needed to do that.


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