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How Long It Takes To Learn Python

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1 Months

It took me Months Weeks to learn Python

Python is an elegant and powerful language and despite all its nice features it is a relatively easier programming language to learn. Furthermore, nowadays even the biggest universities started to teach Python on Introduction to Programming courses. But you don’t have to be a freshman to learn Python there are literally hundreds of courses online that can teach you.

Your learning time will depend on your prior knowledge and your ultimate aim;

First time programmers

We have a separate article that you may want to read, How Long It Takes to Learn Programming? The information and estimated time on that article is also valid for learning Python. So you can start your journey now and learn the basics programming and Python in about 6 months.

Coders that want to add Python to their toolbelt

Syntax and some conventions of Python may seem to be weird to some coders. Yet, you will realize that these features are actually carefully considered and well-thought and in no time you will be very comfortable in coding in Python and enjoying it.

After getting used to the syntax, Python will start to amaze you with its capabilities. It has a very powerful standard library that performs most of the boring stuff for you. But this does not mean that it is so high level that you will spend hours when you try to do something uncommon. Most of the libraries offer useful shortcuts for common actions and extremely flexible and easy ways to alter the behavior as you want.

Thus, we define being comfortable in Python by getting used to the conventions of it and being able to find and use the shortcuts and the documentation to change the behavior. Having said that, you will probably need 2 weeks to be comfortable in Python and find your way instinctively in the ecosystem.

Python has a lot of built-in features that will help you. Even though they are also easy and well designed you will need some time to get used to them and find the correct approach. Even though, they all follow the same "Pythonic" logic, you will find yourself searching for very basic stuff In order to be completely familiar with enough of them will take around 1 week.

If you are already familiar with Object Oriented Programming methodology you will see that Python has a somewhat different way of approaching to the “Objects” and “Classes” but in our opinion this increases the flexibility of the language a lot. Because of this, you may need an additional week to master Python’s approach.

Overall, we believe that you can learn Python sufficient enough in 1 month.

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