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How Long It Takes To Start Your Own Blog

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Thanks to thousands of coders out there trying to improve the technology or earn some money, starting your own blog is a pretty trivial thing to do now. There are a lot of portals or tools that let you do that in the matter of minutes. If you aren’t in need of something very unique we believe that the existing tools will satisfy your requirements and you can always migrate your posts to your custom blog later. So it is usually a good idea to start using one of these existing solutions.

Some of these tools allow you to start your blog on their own domains. You can use one of them with no cost at all. Some of the most used ones are

All you need to do is select the name of your blog and a theme and start writing. Customizing your blog and posting your Hello World post will take around 10 minutes if you want to go with this option. In most cases you can simply buy a domain and redirect it your blog without a problem.

However, if you wish to be in full control of your blog and host it yourself you also have a lot of choices. For example you can download the latest version of Wordpress or Drupal and upload it to your host easily. Actually most of the hosting providers have an easy way to setup your blog without this hassle. If you already have an hosting package you may login to your control panel and find this feature on it under CMS or sometimes Applications category. This option should also take about 10 minutes of your time.

The main time consuming part of blogging is coming up with the article ideas and actually writing the posts. So the initial starting phase is often negligible. So if you have an idea, just find a good name that reflects your blog (it should be catchy, unique and memorable) and start writing.

How to Write a Blog Post

There are some core points you need to pay attention when writing blog post:



Before planning your blog post, you have to pick a topic, which is attractive for you and your followers. When deciding on topic, you can think as a blog reader and ask yourself if you want to read a post about this topic. However, blog writers can experience some problems with finding interesting and inspiring topics. There are topic generator motors that give ideas for you about exciting topics to get your audience attention. Here, you can find some suggestions for blog topic generators:



A blog writer does not have to know everything. Even if you are writing about a topic you are capable of, you have to conduct a research to inform your audience correctly. For providing accurate information, you should use authoritative resources, we suggest you not to rely on sources like Wikipedia or personal blogs.



There are two types of blogger in terms of writing process. Some of them prefer to write an entire blog post at once. Others choose to compete their blog posts by writing gradually. There is no certain rule for this, you can choose the way works best for you. Don’t forget, writing becomes easier, the more you practice and write.



Your post may be great but it is the title makes it eye-catching. Titles are important because it appears in search engines. A good title must consist keyword, be exciting and not be too long or short.



You must hear the famous phrase, “A picture is worth 1,000 words”.  Images are helpful for readers to focus on your post. Sometimes reading a long post without visual assets can be boring. Inserting images to your posts such as diagrams, charts, info graphics, and tables helps your audience to understand complex topics easily. Moreover, images make your content different from similar blog post and strengthen the content.


Optimize for SEO

When you are done with writing, it is time to prepare your post for search. You need to determine a keyword, which was used in the post more than once. Then, you have to prepare a meta-description that is a summary of your post that people would see in the search results.

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