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How Long It Takes To Travel Moon

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It would take 3 Days to travel Moon

Moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth with an average distance of 384,402 km. Due to the elliptical orbit of the Moon, it changes between 363,104 kilometers and 405,696 km. Also, even though it is negligible, it is noteworthy that the Moon is spiraling away from the Earth at an average rate of 3.8 cm per year.

As for the travel, in the history, Apollo missions took about 3 days to land the Moon. Yet, it takes a lot less to pass by it. For example, the New Horizons probe took only 8 hours 35 minutes to reach the Moon without slowing down.

Observation Data

Distance0.000000 Light Years

Travel Time

Car ( 120 km/h )

133 Days

Jet Plane ( 7200 km/h )

2 Days

New Horizon ( 58500 km/h )

0 Days

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