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How Long It Takes To Travel To Mars

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It would take 281 Days to travel Mars

From time to time we all plan to move to Mars, the most promising planet in our solar system. Considering the fact that the closest habitable exoplanet, Proxima Centauri b, is 4.22 light years away, Mars looks like a short trip but is it so?

According to the measurements, Mars is 54.6 million kilometers away from Earth. However, since we are trying to land on Mars, not hit it with a great speed, we can't simply accelerate with full power until we get there. Moreover, relying on the rockets on the spacecraft is not very cost efficient. For these reasons, current missions mostly utilize the gravitational forces of the sun and other planets.

By the time of the writing, latest scheduled flight to Mars was the EXOMARS mission. Expected route of EXOMARS is about 500 million kilometers, about 10 times more than the direct distance. The total length of this flight is planned to be 218 days.

Even though, EXOMARS will reach Mars in 218 days, time to reach Mars will depend on various factors, such as selected route, expandable cost and the positions of the sun and other planets by time time of the launch.

Observation Data

Distance0.000005 Light Years

Travel Time

Car ( 120 km/h )

48 Years

Jet Plane ( 7200 km/h )

292 Days

New Horizon ( 58500 km/h )

36 Days

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Details about the EXOMARS mission was excerpt from European Space Agency blog:


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