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How Long It Takes To Prepare A House Party

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Being the wild child makes us wonder how our party would be like. A whale of a time of course. Pulling together a group of people to enjoy one another's company doesn't sound like rocket science. Turn up, show out, and become known as the guy who can draw a crowd.

Unlike a club or lounge, this time you are in control. The music, guest list, theme and the details are all in your hands. But with great power comes great responsibility. Miss a detail, you will be remembered as a "never again" for a long amount of time. Even if there are tons of people who will be thrilled by just being invited to your party, charm of your popularity will entertain them just to a point. Don't forget that you will have a crowd with expectations. Here are our tips to help you host a kickass party:


Decide on what type of party you are going to host

If you are reading this, you should already have something in mind. If you don’t, it’s time. Because this will help you with decoration, playlist, whom to invite and what to prepare. Think about the preparation process of an intimate dinner party or a big blowout party that no one forgets. Not the same!


Send explanatory invitations and build excitement

It is better when guests know what to expect. If it is something like a Halloween party, guests would like to know if they need to wear a costume. The ritual of buying hilarious costumes will bring up excitement to your friends. This will provide endless conversations amongst them. But you don't have to be persistent about the dress code every time. If it is a casual party, they don’t need any getting ready time and come as they will. Or if it is a theme party that everyone needs to bring something, like board games, masks or a pair of pajamas, they should know about it too. Just make sure no one ends up looking stupid. Also, you should let the guests know whether they can bring their friends with a "family and friends invited" or a simple "plus one" attached to the invitation card or message. Don’t forget to write a little note in your own voice at the end of the invitation, to let them personally know how you would enjoy having them at your party.


Choose your guests

Inviting a lot of people and thinking only a few amount can make it is too dangerous. You will probably end up with a hungry crowd that doesn't know where to stand. And the greatest way to estimate the amount of food, drinks, and party favors is asking for an RSVP.

First ask to your favorites, if some of them reject, send out more invitations. The type of party is also important for the number of people you are going to invite. If you want a cozy conversation with your beloved friends, you may want to limit your guest number. If you want a raging party that no one forgets, you can go much much bigger and send extra invitations in order to compensate no-shows.



You are always going to use a little bit extra time

Needless to mention about accidents, you might forget to buy certain types of drinks, maybe napkins or you might underestimate the cooking time of foods. Sparing extra time for your grooming is also important. Do not stress yourself with so much rushing, if you look relaxed and joyful when the guests arrive, they'll relax too. Preparing a checklist one week before your party and adding steps and details whenever you remember will also ease your fuss.


Proper cleaning and room locking is a must

If you are not going to hire a venue, you should clean your place well. If you don't want people in certain rooms, like your roommate’s bedroom, lock or simply close the doors. This will prevent most of the incidents. Disposable dishes are the best helper for parties but, if you're going to use your own dishes, make sure they are all clean. Remove any of your precious, delicate objects to protect them from accidents.


Have a variety of drinks on hand

If you are not going with the BYOB format, it would be best to have some wine, spirits, beer and soda in order to serve everyone's interest. Equal opportunity of getting drunk should be your goal for the party guests. Ice and lemon should be on the stand too. You may want to decide where to put the drinks. Keep hard alcohols accessible but out of sight and softer - less alcoholic beverages like soda, champagne or beer around in sight to balance the time/drunkenness ratio.



Feed your guests

When it’s time to party, we get the urge to impress, but trying to prepare a baked Alaska or boeuf bourguignon for the first time is not going to be your way to hosting a successful party. It is best to stick with recipes you cooked millions of times before and save the thrill of experimenting for another time.




To emphasize the theme of your party, you need more than informing people about it on invitations, you need to decorate! If your guests feel like they are in the 60’s or that they are in Hawaii, you will see that they will get in the mood instantly and have much more fun.


Have a good playlist

Music is the most important step to creating the party environment. It is always safe to play songs which your guests are familiar with. You can help them with their boredom by playing the songs they loved but forgot about. Of course the type of the party has a lot to do with your playlist. If you are throwing a dance party, you need to keep the vibe up all night. If you are on the lazy side, by searching on YouTube or Spotify, you can find that others have already created perfect playlists for you.


Making Introductions

By introducing people to each other from one group to another, combine the conversation groups and prevent silent moments. Find those alienated guests playing with their phones and try to engage them in activities and conversations. You don’t have to push it hard by babysitting socially awkward friends, simply asking their help for something will be enough to heat them up sometimes. Be careful with the people monopolizing the crowd, steer the conversation with new topics to prevent grayness. If you know some of the guests sharing common interests, start a conversation between them and slowly pull away with moon walk. Maybe you will end up creating a perfect couple or new best friends.



  • Do not welcome guests with the half ready look and your pajama slippers on, get prepared as if the guests will arrive earlier.

  • Lock your roommates' door.

  • Search for ready playlists if you don't have one.

  • Always prepare extra food like you are going to have % 5-10  more guests.

  • Hide precious delicate objects to prevent incidents.

  • Put hard alcohols to accessible but more hidden places.

  • Don't put out all of your food at once. Refill the table when finished.

  • Do not wash the dishes during the party.

  • Be relaxed and happy so your guest won't feel like they are a burden.

  • Communicate with all of your guests.

  • Do not stress, enjoy your party so that your guests can enjoy too.


If you are feeling like being obsessed about throwing the best party ever, here are some resources to satisfy your perfectionist soul:


 Why Bother? Why Not!: A Hollywood Insider Shows You How to Entertain Like a Star, in a Snap!

by Laurin Sydney

"This book was so much fun to read. It really inspired me to make my celebrations more personal and memorable. The ideas in the book are so "doable". I am going to have a holiday/New Year's party at my home and I intend to incorporate some of Laurin's great ideas into the party. I might have to take the credit, though. Shhhhh, keep that part quiet."

"It reads like a gossip column. Dish after dish. And before you know it, you've learned all kinds of wonderful tricks.
I bought it yesterday and have already used it for a present I had to get my boss (boring present, but great wrapping/presentation.)
The book reads like you're talking to a friend who's got all kinds of great tidbits about the stars. And Laurin's ideas are truly easy to do -- especially for people like me who are intimidated by Martha S."


I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence

by Amy Sedaris

" As I said, most “party planning” books are really just cookbooks in disguise. However if you love to cook and that’s the kind of book you’re after, why not read one that is full of hostessing advice and good jokes too? Amy Sedaris is best known as the star of Strangers with Candy but with this book she proves she has another calling as Martha-Stewart-on-crack (hey, her words not mine!). You get 70 quick and easy recipes, tons of photos, and genuine hosting advice mixed in with Sedaris’s kitschy humor. This book was a huge bestseller for a reason."


Party Like a Rock Star: A Celebrity Party Planner’s Tips and Tricks for Throwing an Unforgettable Bash

by Jes Gordon, Jessica Baumgardner

"A top Hollywood party planner on how to design a wide range of fabulous fêtes. Jes Gordon knows that girls just want to have fun. In Party Like A Rock Star, she shows them how. Gordon?a party-planner extraordinaire who has helmed events for the likes of Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Nicolas Cage, and Jennifer Lopez?presents a fun, comprehensive guide to event planning that reveals her tried-and-true secrets, culled over twenty years in the biz. With color photos throughout, but with step-by-step details that make the book much more than another impossibly perfect photo shoot, Gordon shows readers exactly how to create a unique event, one that reflects their own personalities and individual aesthetics. This hip, easy-to-follow guide will transform anyone’s approach to entertaining?from birthday parties to baby showers to anniversaries. Topics include:

*Creating a concept for any party?a concept that reflects you

*How to budget?from a small soiree to a big bash

*Stocking a home bar and whipping up smart cocktails

*Whetting guests’ appetites?with insider secrets from chefs

*Being a flawless host?or guest

*Etiquette guidelines and gift ideas

*How to produce a party from beginning to end?colorful case studies and detailed instructions"


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