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How Long It Takes To Raise Self Awareness

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It took me Months Weeks to raise Self Awareness

Self-awareness is important for better relationships and for a more satisfying life, both in the office and at home.

With a good understanding of how we relate to others, we can modify our behavior by understanding what upsets us so we can improve our self-control or by understanding our weaknesses, we can achieve our goals notwithstanding them. But it's hard to be objective when we think about ourselves. Other people can see us completely different from what we think they see.

There are several ways that people can improve self-awareness on their own. This article focuses on fourapproaches that help developing self-awareness. 

1. Self-observation and analysis:

Viewing yourself as if you were observing yourself from a behind a video camera allows you to expose our true selves beyond the fears and identities. By asking new questions to yourself, you can explore new possibilities in our lives and understand your ego. Ego is one of the biggest obstacles to self-awareness. The ego convinces us to adopt false ideas, unsupported fears and to operate in conflict with others.

2. List down your habits, likes and dislikes:

Individuals are creatures of habits, likes and dislikes. Identifying your habits and decide what you like or dislike, you can decide which to persevere and which to let go or change. One of the basics of self-awareness is to know your likes and dislikes. Self-awareness is about discovering and deciding what things you should spend more of your time on and a solution on some parts of your life where conflict might exist.

3. Know what motivates you:

Without motivation it is hard to do anything. Fear, hunger or love may motivate you. Knowing what motivates you lets you to identify the trigger faster and use it in the future to fuel our motivation repeatedly. There are things that motivate you for gaining achievements and power. If you want to be happy, you must discover our inner self and uncover what motivates you through practicing mindfulness.

4. Know your core values:

Core values such as integrity, compassion, honesty and trust support your purpose and vision in life and describes who you are. Self-awareness is about whom you are and your core values as a person. Your core values are a part of yourself and lead you to make the best choice in any situation.

Being self-aware makes you understand yourself better and allows you to make changes by knowing what you are good at and admitting areas where you need to learn more and make changes.

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