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How Long It Takes To Get Over A Breakup

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There is no break up pain that lasted forever. You are not the first one that tasted this pain, and not going to be the last one. Mending your broken heart, getting used to your new life, reducing the number of sleepless nights and being freed of the weight on your chest are up to you. Here is what to do :

Golden rule

 Cutting off the communication. Do not call, text , get in touch or try to hear from the ex. Those attempts will only give you pain or frustration, nothing else. The answers you receive to you questions are not going to satisfy you because most of us want the ex to be regretful. It’s being a human. Moreover, don’t expect the mutual friends to be honest, they are either trying to ease your pain by diminishing the truth or telling you what the ex wanted them to.

Getting rid of the ex’s belongings

 Collect all of the objects to one place that reminds you of the ex. Throw them or pile away, or donate them but never ever try to connect with the ex by using them as an excuse.If you want to give them back, delegate this duty to one of your friends.


Spend time with your friends

 Move into their house for a while if possible. Accept the fact that the first days will be devastating so don’t be afraid. Warn your friends about the sensibility of your situation and ask them not to let you talk about the ex more than 20 minutes a day. Thrust me this is scientifically proven to help you forget.


Be acquainted with stress

Break up brings stress  with all that negative emotions. Nauseation, lack of appetite, binge eating, hypersomnia or insomnia are the syndromes of stress. Embrace the fact that you are likely to have some of these complaints and try to cope with them calmly. No need for panic.


Do not visit places that you will possibly run across

 Do not suffocate anyone. Nobody is falling for those fake coincidences  anymore. Besides, you should consider the psychological break down you are going to face if the ex  won’t give you the warm hug or compassion you are expecting.


Focus on the negative sides of the relationship

You might be having hard times forgetting the memories about your last vacation or the fresh honeymoon period of your relationship.It is perfectly normal to remind those memories. It might be painful but easy to get rid of:  try to attach an annoying, hell raising memory to each of them. It will become an amusement in no time.


Stop accusing yourself

This will get you nowhere. If a relationship entered into the process of ending, taking all the blame to yourself does you no favor. Stop asking yourself where did you make a mistake. Conditions back then required you to act like that.


Thrust in science

Repeating a form of behaviour, an emotion pattern or an activity for 21 days , thanks to new neuron connections created during the process, magically turns it into an habit. Act like you are happy already and stop stalking the ex from social networks now.


As the main purpose of HowLongItTakes.com, we are trying to learn the experiences of our users and find the real answer for ourselves. Since this is a very important and sensitive topic, we need your wisdom here. Please spare a few seconds and mark the time you spent on your last break up and leave comments.

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