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How Long It Takes To Become Friends

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A friendship begins with meeting some people and starting to hang out with them. There's no certain formula to become better friends with everybody you meet. We become friends with someone who has similar interests, values with us.

Sometimes we'll be good friends with someone very quickly; at other times it may take a while. A friendship can grow quickly when you're both at a place in your lives where you're looking for new friends to spend time with (like first weeks of college). Also it is easy to establish a friendship when you're both available and easily accessible to each other and you fill a gap at other's lives

Ways to develop a new friendship

Every friendship is unique but there are some common suggestions to become better friends with someone.

1. Spend more time together

A close relationship requires more than a few hours. Spending more time is the backbone of a better friendship. We become good friends with the people whom we spend more time together such as co-workers, classmates etc. With time friendships can grow between people who were pretty neutral because you need time to get to know the other person.

2. Share Things About Yourself

To get close people you can ask questions them about themselves but also you need to share yourself as well. When talking about yourself, do not give out too much information that makes people uncomfortable. When sharing personal stories, help your friend to understand what you speak about by describing the circumstances of the event.

3. Hang out regularly

Trying to hang out someone often is the main way to ensure we spend enough time with him or her. To keep seeing someone continuously is a sign that you have fun together. People can feel anxious at first when they hang out with a new friend. But to be good you have to hang out him/her on your own and see a different side of his/her. At this point, your friendship will really start to develop.

4. Get away from the formal structure of classes, clubs

Regular meetings for a club or class can mislead to you a wrong feeling that your relationship becomes stronger. However making an effort to hang out with people outside of the scheduled meeting times brings your friendship to another level. Having nice time at a place you would go to any way is not a trigger for a real friendship.


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