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How Long It Takes To Get Pregnant

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6 Months

It took me Months Weeks to get Pregnant

Time to get pregnant depends on ages, health conditions of both parties. Also environmental conditions and the date of the conception has vital effects on this.

However, scientists are trying to figure out an approximate time to get pregnant. On a 2003 study done on German people has some interesting results. According to the study;

  • %38 of the women got pregnant on the first month of the trial.
  • %68 got pregnant after the third month
  • %81 got pregnant after the sixth month and finally
  • %92 got pregnant after a year

So it looks safe to say that in average it takes about 6 months to get pregnant.

You should also keep your fertility window in mind. You can improve your chances to get pregnant by calculating your fertility window. Even though it is not perfectly correct all the time, there are some days that you should keep in mind.

It is known that the lifespan of ovum is about 24 hours and the lifespan of a sperm is about 4 days. In order for the ovum and the sperm to get together and fertilization to occur, they both need to be alive and ready. In other words, it is impossible to get pregnant if you have sex 5 days before the ovulation.

Also according to the studies, there is a 3 day period that the likelihood of getting pregnant is significantly higher than other days of the fertility window.

Here is an explanatory video about the ovulation process that you might like to watch;

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